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Quality Assurance

http://www.msi6.comMSI’s approach to quality assurance is to have the right people apply the right processes at the right times to promote project excellence. Quality Assurance (QA) is the responsibility of all members of our team.  Through a process of structured service delivery, customer involvement, and an iterative assessment of performance measures and expectations, we are able to translate this approach into the consistent, timely delivery of high quality services.  MSI considers the scope of quality assurance to begin at the onset of the project and extend through the life cycle of all tasks, products, and deliverables.

Our QA process begins by involving qualified and experience staff from the outset. We develop and document a process, action plan, and a description of performance measures relevant to the specific TO.  To prevent quality defects, the MSI will gather, record and communicate information as it relates to processes, impacts, risks, applications, and technology. Throughout the work product development process, an iterative approach is used to continuously verify, validate, and improve the quality of work and to meet customer requirements. MSI will use proven QC techniques, such as inspections, and formal reviews to identify and resolve quality defects in a proactive manner. Comments from internal peer reviews will be incorporated into draft products before client submission.  We will use these multiple levels of review to inspect work products and identify and remedy non-conformance items prior to delivery.

To manage work product integrity, MSI will implement compliant change management and version control principles that emphasize ongoing documentation and communication the best way to identify and remediate any problems before they impact the project. 

Finally, as part of our QA process as well as customer service, MSI requires all employees to have the customers they work with complete our on-line evaluations regularly throughout the year.  Additionally, MSI conducts regular quality review meetings with clients.

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